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Fertility Treatment

Fertility Treatment

Methods of assisted reproduction

This technique has traditionally been used for women with an ovulation or oligo-ovulation. More recently it has been used to improve a woman’s chances of conceiving using any method of assisted procreation by increasing the number of eggs which will grow.
Before intrauterine insemination or timed intercourse antiestrogens can be used.

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Low Cost IVF

Fertility Solutions offer

Fertility Solutions offer patients a range of treatment options to suit their individual situation.  These range from Bulk Billed*, Low Cost Options (Standard and Intermediate)  through to Fully Customised Cycles.

1. Standard IVF
2. Intermediate IVF


Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

When you are unable to conceive naturally

When you are unable to conceive naturally, you have several options. One of the least invasive and least costly options is known as artificial insemination (AI), also referred to as intrauterine insemination or IUI. This procedure is typically one of the first methods used in the event that a couple is unable to conceive naturally after 12 months of actively trying. Before this treatment is considered suitable for a couple, certain criteria need to be met in order for it to have a reasonable chance at success.

IVF Treatment Process

An IVF (in vitro fertilisation)

An IVF (in vitro fertilisation) cycle is defined as one complete round of IVF treatment consisting of several steps which result in pregnancy, if successful. The IVF process steps are explained in detail by Fertility Solutions nurse manager Denise Donati below. You may also listen to the actual recorded interview, while you read along.

The steps that are involved in an IVF cycle are dependent upon the clinic that you are visiting, the specialist you are working with, and the treatment they believe is correct for your personal situation. For the majority of fertility clinics in Australia, part of the process includes a number of screening tests that couples have to undertake before they can even embark upon any form of treatment.

ICSI Procedure

Let's spot and treat them!

The ICSI procedure is explained in detail IVF Solutions Manager at Fertility Solutions.

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